How To Use This Website

Below is a step by step guide on how to use this website:

1. Start by clicking on a 'Find a broker button' located at the bottom of the page.
2. Follow the simple questionnaire, starting by selecting the most relevent category for your loan request.

Simply click on the relevent statement...

...and then click the next button (bottom right)
3. You may be asked to select a specific sector depending on which category you chose.

Using the same method as before, select the most relevent sector and hit the next button.

If at any point you would like to change your selection, you can just hit the back button.
4. How much section

Type in the amount of funds you are
looking for.

Here you can add any additional, more specific information regarding your request.
5. Your details section is as easy as it sounds, just fill in the form and leave your contact/business information.
6. Summary

This section requires you to check over your information before submitting the search.

Here you will need to check this box, which confirms that you are happy for NACFB to use your information to find you the most suitable broker
7. Results page

After you have submitted your information our system will find the most relevent broker for your needs, in your area.

If you select the broker, your details will be sent to them so that they can get in touch.

Got a question?

If you have any questions regarding findSMEfinance, please don't hesitate to contact us on:

020 7101 0359

If you have any questions regarding findSMEfinance, contact details will be available as you complete the questions.