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The following categories cover most business finance applications, if you are looking for something which is not included below please get in touch and we will be able to help deal with your enquiry.

My business would benefit from having more cash available.
My business needs to buy a new piece of equipment.
My business wants to buy the property that it already occupies or is looking to move into. Or, I am looking to buy a business and that includes the premises it occupies.
I need to acquire a new vehicle for my business.

I am looking to develop residential or commercial premises.
I need to borrow for less than 12 months for a property transaction.
I have outstanding invoices that I would like to use to raise some extra funding.
I/we have a pension fund that we would like to consider using to raise some capital.
I am looking to buy a property as an investment and to rent it out.
My business is looking to help with its overseas trading and exporting.

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