Case Study - Partnership of Care

Scott Darling, Partnership of Care, South Wales

Husband and wife team, Scott and Janine Darling, established Partnership of Care in 2003. The business offers domiciliary care, supported living and daytime opportunity services for clients with special needs in South Wales.

Partnership of Care runs its services from a number of properties that have been specially adapted to meet the needs of its clients. Last year, following increased demand for their daytime opportunity service, Scott and Janine decided to take on another property to provide a safe and quiet place for clients. They were delighted to receive a mortgage offer from their high street bank, Barclays, but still needed to secure funds for the large deposit.

Scott and Janine approached Simon Harrison from Flexible Commercial Funding, an independent, NACFB-accredited commercial mortgage broker to help them secure the finance that they needed. Simon set about gathering options for the Darlings beyond the traditional funding options they knew about.

Scott explains: “We had a strong relationship with Barclays but, understandably, the bank could not provide the funding without a deposit. We were determined to secure the property so that we could keep meeting the demands of people in the areas we work in, but it would have been impossible to take such a large a lump sum of money out of the business.

“Simon put together a coherent selection of finance solutions for us to look at” Scott explains. “He knew about a range of different lenders, and was able to offer invaluable advice on our options. I gave him headlines of what we needed, and we worked together to tailor proposals to different lenders. It was brilliant working with someone who could pitch to lenders for us. We really felt we had an expert on our side.”

After considering the options presented to them, Scott and Janine decided to go with Funding Circle to secure the £100k deposit for the property, which could then be financed by Barclays. “We had not heard of the lender before Simon introduced us” says Scott. “The application initially seemed quite daunting, but after being talked through the process and the system, we could see it was the perfect solution.”

Scott continues: “Working with Funding Circle was great as we were able to get the money and start the development very quickly. We have even been able to begin progress on another property with the same finance, which is brilliant. We are now helping up to 20 people thanks to the initial loan from Funding Circle and the commercial mortgage from Barclays. We would not have known about the opportunities available to us without the help of our broker Simon, so would have struggled to reach this level of progress so quickly.”

As well as reaching more people in the community, Partnership of Care has added significant value to the property thanks to the development work that has been done. This extra capital will go a long way in the continued growth of the business.

Marcus Grimshaw, Chairman of NACFB said:
“For SMEs who want to expand, finding a loan can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are more than 150 lenders in the UK, but few small businesses know they exist or understand how to access them. An independent broker will help SMEs through the process – from identifying the best lender for their needs, to gathering all the paperwork and information needed for a successful loan application.”


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