About Us

The NACFB is a trade association that was established in 1992 to promote best practice within the commercial finance market.

When using the services of an NACFB member, you can be reassured that the broker operates to a strict Code of Practice and has been vetted before being accepted as a member. We have established a complaints and disciplinary procedure, designed to eliminate unacceptable working practices amongst members. We maintain a confidential register of brokers and lenders suspected of fraud and malpractice, so that we uphold our reputation of retaining only experienced qualified high calibre members, with the aim to deliver a first class service, by maintaining a culture of honesty, integrity, trust and transparency. We also aim to protect our members and their clients against restrictive practices within the industry.

There are a number of activities that we undertake to help the commercial broker, and promote the services that they can offer to the SME market: These include a range of events, hosted for our members, designed to keep them aware of any changes in the market and of any new funders. We also run training & education days for our members to give them knowledge of different areas of the commercial market, so that they can use this knowledge to select the right funding options for your business.

We publish our own magazine and e-newsletter and are an active contributor to the industry and the national press, in order to highlight the expertise of our membership and the help that they can offer in securing funding in the UK.

We also work closely with other trade bodies, particularly trade associations representing SMEs in the UK, to lobby Government and give an accurate account of the state of SME funding. The experience that the Association has in the industry is also extremely useful to promote informed suggestions of alternative methods of funding throughout the UK that are available to SMEs.

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